Notary Services

I offer a full range of services, below are common services that are sought though this list is not exhaustive.

For Individuals

  • Powers of attorney for use worldwide.
  • Affidavits and statutory declarations.
  • Authenticating and Certifying documents as true copies.
  • Certifying translations.
  • Buying and selling property abroad.
  • Consent for a child to travel.
  • Single status and freedom to marry affidavits.
  • Foreign adoption applications.
  • Change of name deeds or statutory declarations.
  • Lost passports.

For companies

  • Certifying and authenticating companies house documents.
  • Witnessing the execution of powers of attorney by companies.
  • Certifying and authenticating documents to assist with the opening of branches or bank accounts abroad.
  • Certifying the identity of company director or other company officer.
  • Witnessing the execution of company documents.
  • Certifying board resolutions and minutes.

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